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Omnicondro is the complementary compound food that supports joint health in dogs and cats. Provides ingredients that promote the recovery of worn-out cartilage, improving joint resistance and stopping or slowing the progression of joint disease.

Due to its complete composition and high concentrations of ingredients, it is recommended for
• Treatment protocols for hip, elbow dysplasia and other joint diseases
• Protocols for preventing joint disease in large/giant breed and/or fast-growing puppies (between 6 and 18 months), before any surgery with joint involvement and in prolonged joint immobilization

Composition and functions of Omnicondro components
Omnicondro contains the highest concentrations of glucosamine and chondroitin, herbal extracts, antioxidant vitamins and bicationic cofactors.
Glucosamine and chondroitin serve as raw materials to support articular cartilage, promoting elasticity and joint strength. Herbal extracts limit pain and joint inflammation, providing greater effectiveness and faster results. Vitamins and bicationic cofactors protect the joint from wear and tear and improve the absorption of all ingredients.

How to apply Omnicondro?
Dogs and cats
Initial Dosage
Omnicondro 20 - 1 tablet/20 kg, per day, orally
Omnicondro 10 - 1 tablet/10 kg, per day, orally
Maintenance Period
For chronic situations or for healthy growing animals:
Omnicondro 20 – ½ tablet/20 kg, per day, orally
Omnicondro 10 - ½ tablet/10 kg, per day, orally

Use in healthy animals is particularly recommended in puppies, between 6 and 18 months old, belonging to breeds predisposed to joint problems.