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Omnicondro PROrapid is the complementary compound food to support the joints of dogs. Thanks to its innovative mechanism, called oral tolerance, it works together with the immune system to prevent the destruction of cartilage, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve dogs' mobility.

It is indicated in acute and/or severe situations of joint wear with painful manifestations and functional incapacity, such as:
• Osteoarthritis secondary to hip and elbow dysplasia, ligament rupture and other joint diseases
• Arthritis with autoimmune or infectious origin
• Perioperative period and post-traumatic joint disorders

Composition and functions of components
Omnicondro PROrapid contains native type II collagen, boswellia serrata, C3 curcumin, omega-3, vitamins and enzyme cofactors.
Native type II collagen acts to regulate the immune system, stopping the attack on articular type II collagen and the destruction of cartilage. Boswellia serrata, C3 curcumin (high absorption) and omega-3s have a synergistic anti-inflammatory effect, reducing inflammation and pain. Vitamins and bicationic cofactors have antioxidant power and improve the absorption of all ingredients, respectively.

How to administer Omnicondro PROrapid?
Take 1 tablet per dog once a day, regardless of the size, with or without food, for 60 days.
It can be administered at any age and for prolonged periods, if necessary.

Omnicondro PROrapid with 60 palatable tablets.